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Athlete’s Foot and Fungal Infections

Do You Have Athlete’s Foot or other Fungal Infections?

The most common foot products purchased over the counter are for athlete’s foot and other fungal conditions.  So, it is important to understand what causes this fungal infection. With a better understanding of fungal infections,  you can purchase products to remove the infection and prevent its recurrence.

Athlete's FootSo, what are some basic measures that you can take to prevent athlete’s foot?

  • Keep your feet dry between the toes
  • Don’t wear the same shoes everyday
  • change socks often
  • Don’t use other people’s shoes
  • Wear shoes that breathe

Equally important,  you must actively treat the athlete’s foot infection.  There are various remedies for treatment and there are even ways to prevent fungus build up in your shoes.

An anti-fungal cream is essential for treatment of the skin, however the cream is not effective when treating fungal infections of the toenails.  Creams like Puriya Wonder Balm can work very well.  There is also a Lamisil Foot Spray for easier application. If you have a toenail fungus, you will need to treat the nails and the skin around the nails.  This can be accomplished using a home nail fungus laser.  In addition a topical nail fungus medicine can be applied to the affected nails.  Please keep in mind that nail fungus treatment will take many months and you must continue to use the medication for up to one year.  After that time you may still need to do maintenance treatments.

Washing with a natural tea tree anti-fungal soap can be a good addition to creams as they keep the number of fungus low.  In addition, tea tree can soften the skin to make the creams penetrate the skin more easily.

While using these products you want to be sure that you don’t keep reinfecting your foot from your shoes.  It is very important to use a UV shoe sanitizer so that you remove the infection from your shoes.

Also, if your feet sweat excessively, it is best to use a product known as On Your Toes and you can also use powder.  Powder is less effective, however medicated powders such as Phytoplex can also be helpful.

There are several important things to keep in mind when treating Athlete’s foot.  The infection can keep coming back.  It is recommended that you use multiple remedies as noted above.  It is important to use the cream for several months even if the infection appears to be gone.  After that  you should use some cream several times per week to prevent the athlete’s foot infection from returning.

Also, please keep in mind that you can give this infection to other people in your house.  Everyone in a household can share the UV shoe sanitizer to help decrease infections.

Lastly, please remember that a fungal infection, even if treated, can still worsen and become a bacterial infection.  So, if you are treating your infection and not getting better, it is time to see a podiatrist for further treatment.

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