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Heel Pain

Do you suffer from heel pain?  You are not alone!

Heel Pain is one of the most common problems in our population.  It is present in people that sit all day at a desk and athletes alike and everywhere in between!  Heel pain and plantar fasciitis are the most common complaints seen in a podiatrist’s office.

heel painHeel pain usually comes on gradually and worsens over time.  In some cases, there may be an injury that starts the pain but this is less common.

There is a support band on the bottom of your foot known as the plantar fascia.  This band is what becomes inflamed and painful at the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel bone. While many may have heel spurs, they are not the cause of your pain in most cases.

There are several treatments that most people try at home that often resolve heel pain.

Orthotics Superfeet are an excellent off the shelf orthotic device.

Stretching – Options include night splints, ProStretch and stretch straps .

Ice – A reusable gel ice pack

Anti-inflammatories – There are excellent natural remedies including Turmeric/Curcumin and Fish Oil.

LaserTerraquant makes an excellent device for musculoskeletal pain and injuries.  This is used by many NFL and NBA teams.

When your heels hurt, life can be miserable.  Do yourself a favor and treat your heels now so that you can return to your activities quickly.  The longer that you let heel pain linger, the harder it is to treat.  People have often said that heel pain has led to depression since they are unable to do daily tasks and exercise. This does not need to happen, so treat your pain.

Of course if you are not getting relief please see a podiatrist.  They can provide more advanced treatments.

Remember: Be nice to your feet, they must last a lifetime!

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