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Leg Swelling

Leg swelling is a common problem for many people. This can result in pain and difficulty doing activities.  Swelling often also occurs in the foot and ankle at the same time.  Leg swelling may occur in one leg or both and may come and go depending on activities.

Before considering any treatments, it is important to see a doctor to make sure that there are no serious issues that are causing the leg swelling.

These issues may include blood clots, kidney problems, circulation problems and other problems.  In most cases the problems are not serious.  You may then require treatments  that will decrease the swelling.  This can allow you to be more comfortable and more active.  Keeping the swelling down can also help avoid complications such as infections and skin ulcers.

The most important treatment if you have leg swelling is compression.  There are many ways to compress the leg, ankle and foot.  Often you will need a combination of treatments and products to control your swelling.

Leg Swelling For daily treatments, a compression pump is very effective for most people.  It is important to get a high quality professional grade product to be effective.  Cheap knock off products are least effective and break easily.  These devices are comfortable and gradually apply pressure starting at the foot and moving up your leg.  This allows the swelling to be gently removed and incorporated back into your body.  These compression pumps are typically used on a daily basis while you are relaxing.



Recommended Sequential Compression Pumps:

1. Air Relax – Professional grade FDA cleared with multiple setting options

2. Doctor Life – Excellent device with fewer settings and multiple leg sizes

Once you have successfully started removing the swelling from your legs, ankles and feet, it is time for maintenance.  Elevation of your legs while sleeping can be accomplished with an elevating leg rest pillow.  Wearing compression stockings during the day and while travelling are also helpful to decrease the leg swelling.

Other helpful treatments:

Avoid Skin Breakdown – Use moisturizing skin cream

Use Supplements for vein problems – Vein Complex is a pharmaceutical grade product.

You may continue using these suggestions to improve your function and to help remain active while avoiding complications.  If there is ever something that is not going well, please see your doctor.


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