ePulse Ultra 1620 Professional Grade TENS & EMS Neuropathy

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ePulse Ultra has always been the standard by which all other TENS devices were judged. ePulse’s latest Ultra pulse stimulator, the 1620, was developed with greater intensity and massage therapy flexibility in mind. Featuring 16 massage mode therapies including Swedish massage, Acupuncture, Shiatzu, Thai, and more, the Ultra 1620 can be tailored to provide very specific electrical pulses to the affected area with varying degrees of intensity. The Ultra 1620 also offers dual output operation which supports up to four electrode leads with separate therapies running simultaneously. This capability gives you the option to have electrodes on different areas of the body with distinctly different massage therapies operating concurrently. Regardless of your needs, the ePulse Ultra 1620 can help you take control of your pain management therapies from 10-60 minutes with the adjustable time (in increments of 10 minutes). The Ultra 1620 has compact dimensions, coming in smaller and thinner than an iPhone 6. Unlike modern smartphones, Ultra 1620 features a rechargeable Lithium battery that lasts over 45 hours on a single charge giving you uninterrupted use for an entire week (or longer). Using the Ultra 1620 is simple and managing through the modes with the backlit LCD screen is a breeze. A keypad lockout feature allows you to set your massage mode and prevent any unwanted changes by accidentally pressing a button. The ePulse Ultra 1620 pulse massager includes 1.) Ultra 1620 massager 2.) 2 small electrode gel pads 3.) 2 large electrode gel pads 4.) 2 electrode wire 5.) pad holder 6.) AC adapter with USB cable 7.) user manual with acupuncture chart.
MORE POWER & MORE FEATURES – Ultra 1620 has more intensity levels & massage therapies than any other high-end TENS device
INSTANT PAIN RELIEF & IMMEDIATE RESULTS – TENS therapy works by blocking pain signals from the affected nerves to the brain allowing you to feel pain relief much faster than with traditional medicine
FDA-CLEARED CLASS 2 MEDICAL DEVICE – Ultra 1620 has been registered with the FDA as a safe over-the-counter TENS and powered muscle stimulator
FEATURES TENS & EMS THERAPIES – Ultra 1620 includes both TENS & EMS massage therapies. TENS therapy is designed for pain & discomfort relief whereas EMS helps tone & recover muscles
COMPREHENSIVE 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Ultra 1620 is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers your device in the case of any defects or failures