ePulse Ultra 1200 Pain Relieving TENS & EMS

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For people that have been suffering with chronic pain for far too long, ePulse introduces the latest in neurostimulation: Ultra 1200, the only prescription-strength TENS and electrical myostimulating (EMS) pulse massager with over-the-counter FDA clearance. Ultra 1200 includes many of the advanced features as Ultra 1620 such as independently controlled dual channels, 60 minute timer, TENS, EMS, and CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation). Recommended for use on the neck, shoulders, arms, back, waist, and legs, Ultra 1200 can provide pain relief to these affected area instantly compared to many drugs which can take up to an hour to begin working. Ultra 1200 works by sending electrical signals directly to the nerves and blocking the signals they send to the brain. Since Ultra 1200 is portable, it can be used almost anywhere at anytime and with a 8000mAh lithium 40+ hour battery life, you never have to worry about being without your trusted TENS device in case of emergencies. Ultra 1200 features six massage therapies with 2 variations per therapy for a total of 12 unique massage modes. These massage therapies include chopping, acupuncture, microcurrent, reflexology, workout, and Russian stim. Each therapy’s intensity can be adjusted with 20 levels of stimulating force for soft to strong massages and everything in between. Included with Ultra 1200 are 2 small self-adhesive electrode pads, 2 large self-adhesive electrode pads, 2 electrode connector cables, pad holder, USB/AC charger, and the user manual.
THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION-STRENGTH TENS DEVICE WITH FDA CLEARANCE – Ultra 1200 has be certified by the FDA as safe for over-the-counter sale to consumers
SIX MASSAGE THERAPIES EACH WITH TWO VARIATIONS – Unique therapies include acupuncture, chopping, microcurrent, reflexology, workout, & Russian stim
INCLUDES TENS & EMS MASSAGING THERAPIES – Use TENS to provide instant pain relief to affected areas and EMS therapies to tone and condition muscles
ELIGIBLE FOR FSA & HSA ACCOUNTS – Ultra 1200 is considered a medical device & is covered by most FSA & HSA accounts. Check your policy for more details.
INDEPENDENTLY CONTROLLED DUAL CHANNELS – Ultra 1200 gives you the ability to use two different therapies on separate pads simultaneously