Terraquant TQ Solo Portable Cold Laser

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Credit for Main Picture goes to Health is Wealth, the #1 Online Laser Distribution Company Since 2003. TERRAQUANT SOLO ULTIMATE Cold Laser Package. This is the ultimate FDA Cleared laser for HOME or PROFESSIONAL use. Cleared for Pain Relief and Rejuvenation. TQ Solo is the #1 selling portable cold laser in the world. W have added the $495 4 piece Acupuncture, skin care, dental and trigger point probe set, which concentrate and focus the laser beam for countless applications. Plus the versatility and portability of a proven reliable, rechargeable system. You can take it with you anywhere and it is super easy and safe to use. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING WITH YOUR ORDER TODAY when purch from Health is Wealth: • 1 TQ Solo Portable Handheld Laser • 1 Blue protective sleeve • 1 Hard Body Carrying Case • 2 Pair Protective Eye Glasses • Health is Wealth EXCLUSIVE 500+ BONUS PROTOCOLS in 2 PDF GUIDES written by 15 Year Laser Specialist, Manufacturer User Manuals and Protocol Guide • Charts and Pamphlets • TQ $495 Emitter Probe Kit with 4 attachments, hard body case and specialized protocol manual. The highly prized and internationally recognized TerraQuant Laser has received significant awards, recognition and approval from around the world in over 30 countries. Discover for yourself why the TerraQuant Solo is the most desirable FDA Cleared pain management cold laser therapy system available in America today. Now you can get a TerraQuant Solo Cold Laser ULTIMATE Package with the GUARANTEED Lowest Price. We will provide you with the best service and FREE shipping in North America. You must purchase from Health Is Wealth to receive the NEW Cold Laser Therapy Guide to treating over 500+ BONUS PROTOCOLS.
Terraquant TQ Solo Ultimate Package INCLUDES $495 4 Piece Probe Kit, Plus BLUE Protective sleeve, a hard body case, and Free Shipping in North America. The Ultimate in Pain Relief -Naturally!
ALSO INCLUDES 500 BONUS PROTOCOLS ONLY AVAIL FROM Health is Wealth! Features Proven Cold Laser Multi Radiance technology used successfully worldwide for over 20 years in 30 countries. 15,000mW Peak Power = 15 Watts. FDA Cleared Cold Laser Pain Relief with Super Pulsed Deep Penetration Technology.
Highly effective combination of 4 proven healing energies in a single emitter: Super Pulsed Near Infrared Laser for deepest penetration. Plus Red LEDs, Infrared SLDs and Magnetic Induction. For superficial and medial applications and increasing blood circulation.
TQ Solo Specifications: Ultra-Portable, Rechargeable, Long Life, Peak Power: 15W (15,000mw) Infrared Laser, LED’s: Red 660 nm, 60mW Red LED’s (7.5mW) + InfraRed SLD’s, 875 nm. Laser Wavelength: 905 nm Infrared Class II Equipment, Applied Part Type BF Laser Class 1M (IEC 60825-1) Weight: 0.7 lbs / 300g, Dimensions: 5.5in x 2in x 2in (14cm x 5cm x 5cm)
TQ Solo (Advanced Ultimate) Laser Package Includes: 1 TQ Solo Hand Held Portable Super Pulsed Laser Device, Charger, 2 Eye Goggles, Blue Protective Sleeve, User Guide, Chart, Protocols Guide, Hard Body Carrying Case, and 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.